Our Services

Running social media marketing for one company can be a full time job.
Most companies cannot afford to do this AND run a business.

We provide a turn key solution for companies.
Just like how not all companies market to the same demographic, not all solutions are the same, but there IS overlap.

Use our knowledge and expertise for your gain.

Facebook/Twitter Promoting

Facebook and Twitter are the meat and potatoes of the game. We are able to run and manage promotions and contests driving customers to your business.

The concept can be easy to understand but properly executing these campaigns is the hard part. It is a strenuous and tedious endevour that we have been able to run successfully.

Vinyl Wrapped Vehicle Advertising

What?! Ads on vehicles? Isn't that out of my price range? - Nope! Not the way we do it. We have tiered pricing models that can provide a full vehicle or just a portion of one (shared with other non-competing clients).

Numbers don't lie and ad wrapped vehicles draw more attention than a billboard. We supply the vehicles and the drivers. Terms on vehicle wraps are a minimum of 12 months with a guarantee 20,000 miles driven.

Instagram Contests

Combined with our vinyl wrapped vehicles, we use this to allow people to take a pic of the vehicle and post to social media with a specific companies hashtag for the month to win.

We will post on instagram when we are at popular events. Visibility is the key to all of our success.

Swag Distribution/Word of Mouth

Included in our packages is swag. We will utilize shirts/hats/stickers/etc. with your aproved design and hand them out. We are good at this. This also forces us to be knowledgable about you and your company to be able to talk people up.

Word of mouth is just as important, and we learn all that we can about you in order to be able to promote your business.

Profiled on our website

We build and maintain a website that features and profiles each of our clients. Based on the package you go with will determine how often we feature your company.

The best part of using a website to profile your company is that we can feature a promotion you are running, track click throughs to your site, and bump up your SEO on your website as well.